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GolfCare Pain Treatments Any pain is limiting for a sportsman. Pain limits the pleasure of playing and prevents performance. It increases your handicap Pain Treatments GolfCare Stiffness Solutions Without flexibility, no sport, no precision, no swing. Unleash your joints, wrists, hips, ankles, pelvis, lumbar and cervical spine Flexibility & Stiffness GolfCare Joint Rejuvenation In case of advanced osteoarthritis or old rheumatism, Mesotherapy Golf-Care allows you to regain the pleasure of golf courses by discovering a new mobility Ostheoarthritis Personalized expertise in your Hôtel Your favorite hotels can join the Swiss Medical Team Golf-Care in calm periods and allow their good Customers to make the most of their stay by having advice and treatments to improve their handicap Hotel Offers Book your special Golf Hotel Ask for the dates of our stays in your Golf hotels to have the opportunity to meet us there. Our services can take care of your room and consultation bookings. Link

Spécial Offers Golf Club

Golf sends its team on-site to golf hotels, golf clubs, medical centers or clinics, training centers ...
The specialist doctor and his assistant stay there as long as you like, offer your clients an analysis of their difficulties and provide them, if necessary, treatment adapted to the limitations, with the aim of improving their pleasure and lowering their Disability.

Medical Golf-Care
Golf Clubs

Our team, specialized in the study and the treatment of the pain of the whole musculoskeletal system can help you, at our place, by being at the disposal of your members in order to improve their handicap (average of 3 points) and increase their pleasure of playing Golf in your club. We will respond to you when you organize special “Handicap“ promotions during the off-peak periods supervised by Dr Golf

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Medical golf-care
Golf Hotels

Our team specialized in the study and the treatment of any pain of the osteoarticular system can be at the base of your promotional offers to improve the attractiveness of the hotel in the low seasons. We can organize a stay, 2 to 6 days, in your premises and allow your customers to benefit, thanks to you, of consultations and targeted treatments “Pleasure of the Golf“.

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Medical golf-care
Medical Centers

Our team, specialized in the study and the treatment of any pain of the osteoarticular system, can offer to our confrères confronted with these pathologies, the possibility to organize in their medical center or their cabinet, consultations and treatments, for them and their patients. Our Mesotherapy treatments are unique and improved every year for 20 years

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golf sommeil
Special offer

When our team travels to hotels, clubs, medical centers, we have special gifts for your clients. We can, in one night, analyze their sleep, depth, heart rate, respiratory regularity, sleep apnea, thanks to medically recognized connected objects. Sleep disorders are responsible, long-term, many diseases and rapidly declining performance

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