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Thoracolumbar Osteoarthritis

Golf Care Medical / Thoracolumbar Osteoarthritis

The thoracolumbar osteoarthritis affects the cartilages of the vertebral joints D1 to D12 and the vertebrae L1 to L5 of the vertebral column (cervical spine). You (she and he) start to get sick but you are in good company because there are many of you at the golf Club. The joints wear out and the cartilage deteriorates, it goes faster in the lumbar vertebrae L3, L4, L5 because of high tensions above the pelvis, seat of defects of axis or scoliosis or even changes due to traumas. A good soft swing with lumbar spinal osteoarthritis is impossible to perform. The Mesotherapy Swiss Label allows you to regain the flexibility of your back, necessary to enjoy golf, and significantly improves your Handicap in only some sessions. Its effect lasts longer than usual medications without the risks or side effects


You know all these back pains, nagging and tiring, pain, stiffness, mobility limitations.

The Mesotherapy Swiss Label is the only one that will help you in your search for freedom

The older the pathology is with osteophytes (osteoarthritis nozzles) and the most Mesotherapy will be effective because it allows a dialogue with the body, the commitment to modify the painful structures to literally rejuvenate and regain your potential.

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Radios, Scanner, MRI… you’ve already done them. One more pathology, the herniated disc, deserves a special interview with the Mesotherapist.


You have tried them all, painkillers, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants, corticosteroid infiltrations, physiotherapists, gymnastics, lifestyle … Try the rejuvenation of the joints with the Mesotherapy treatments.

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