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Swing while Flexibility

Golf Care Medical / Swing while Flexibility

Look at this swing! Do you think it is possible to realize it with a rigid or not completely flexible thoracolumbar spine?

To be flexible the column presents curvatures, convex between the shoulder blades (kyphosis) and concave above the buttocks (lordosis).

Inflammation of the vertebral joints, Scheuermann, or discs, vertebral osteomyelitis (spondylodiscitis) or “vicious” attitude, kyphosis, scoliosis create constraints limiting the performance of this swing. For pain, see the Osteoarthritis page of the column.

There is no connection between the image discovered on the X-ray of the column and the stiffness that you feel. You have certainly eliminated the serious pathologies and the doctor told you that he cannot do much, that as you get older your will move less and the pain will decrease in intensity…

If you want to move for a long time with pleasure, Mesotherapy is for you.

The only risk you take is that it would not work but this risk is only of 31% at the first session and 9% after two sessions. But, know that 90% of people who decide to proceed with Mesotherapy find a smile and flexibility.

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