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Shoulder Flexibility

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Shoulder Flexibility

Look at Michelle’s swing, do you think it is possible to succeed with rigid or not completely flexible shoulders.


The shoulder is a very complex joint, it is the only joint in the body that can rotate 360 degrees. It can push or pull up or down. The force developed is much higher than we think, 10 kilos to support at arm’s length represents more than 100 kilos of traction at the shoulder level. It is also for golfers, and others, a joint that must be extremely flexible and capable of accompanying the swing in all its fullness.

The number of different structures involved in the movement of the shoulder is large, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bone, muscles, joint capsule, cap, not to mention nerves and vessels, and each of them can cause pain, stiffness and limit the golfer’s pleasure.

Taking pain-killing or anti-inflammatory medications, at best, allows the disease to continue to progress without hurting you, but it will not last.

It is imperative to push the body to make the necessary repairs and, in refractory cases, only Swiss Label Mesotherapy allows this effect.

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