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Pelvis and Hip Flexibility

Golf Care Medical / Pelvis and Hip Flexibility

The flexibility of the pelvis

The flexibility of the pelvis and hips is essential for a good swing, the slightest stiffness or pain no longer allows to improve its handicap.

This area is the site of a complex joint assembly: The sacrum and the coccyx articulated on the iliac bones connected by the pubis receive the weight of the body, all articulated on femurs that carry your weight in balance.

The pelvis supports all the pressures that must be rigid and flexible at the same time, the joints are not very mobile and provide stability. Many very strong ligaments ensure cohesion.

The hip, the head of the femur nests in the acetabulum of the iliac bone and this joint is maintained by a thick capsule supported by the most powerful muscles of the body.

This area, which is divided between strength and flexibility, often ages a little faster than other joints; it must therefore be preserved and Golf-Care has found a way to slow down its degradation with Swiss Label Mesotherapy. Our studies go back about 20 years.

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Radios, Scanner, MRI … you have already done them. One more pathology, disc herniation, deserves special attention with the mesotherapist.


We go on dislocations, dislocations, tears, tendonitis, discopathies, osteoporosis and other osteonecrosis Mesotherapy prevents them but can also cure them or relieve the effects

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