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Osteoarthritis of the ankles

Golf Care Medical / Osteoarthritis of the ankles

Osteoarthritis of the ankles is not common, but as for the knee, it greatly discomfort the golfer and adds to its causes all the cardiac and renal pathologies also causing the golfer to restrictions of his pleasure.

The pain can be there outside the golf courses and makes it difficult to get along with friends on 18-hole courses. The pain in the ankle makes you limp and limits your performance.

The only treatment without side effects and possible at any age, after eliminating the problems of the circulatory system, is the Mesotherapy Swiss Label. It allows, for all the pathologies of the skeleton, to find an acceptable walking perimeter for a suitable golf course.

Mesotherapy will be effective because it allows a dialogue with the body, commits to modify painful structures towards rejuvenation to regain your potential.

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Radios, Scanner, MRI… you’ve already done them.


Long, tedious and difficult. Mesotherapy can speed up repairs to stages that would be impossible to achieve with other treatments.

Finally the injections of stem cells for a complete repair of your knee, medicine of tomorrow or the day after due to administrative issues.

Short Description: The golfer’s lot is to walk long distances, osteoarthritis of the ankles does not encourage him to do golf courses

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