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Osteoarthritis of the knee

Golf Care Medical / Osteoarthritis of the knee

Gonarthrosis (Osteoarthritis of the knee) is the most common osteoarthritis after 40 years, but for the golfer, it takes a different dimension. Three large arthrosis in a small knee, between femur and tibia, femoro-tibial osteoarthritis, between femur and patella, patellofemoral osteoarthritis, between tibia and patella. Many causes, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, meniscus, axis, mechanical, genetic, towards an early osteoarthritis of the knee, limiting the performance and opportunities of the golfer. We leave it to you to research all these causes, to focus on your pain over time and the reasons to choose Mesotherapy to make them disappear.

The pain appears even before the golf course, going up to the hotel to take up residence, and it would be necessary to stay in your room, the place where the pain disappears. This osteoarthritis prevents the 18-hole course and sometimes the 9-hole by irradiating in the leg. The stiffness of the knee joint causes lameness representing a real disability raising your handicap

Again, the only treatment of pain is to stay in bed, with many side effects, despite painkillers and massages-mobilization. The only real effective treatment that would immediately, in a single session, and would be effective for many months, is the Mesotherapy Swiss Label. It allows you, whatever the pathologies in causes, and from the first week, to find an acceptable walking perimeter for a suitable golf course.

The older the pathology is with deformities (osteophytosis), the most effective is the mesotherapy because it allows a dialogue with the body, commits to modify the painful structures to literally rejuvenate and regain your potential.

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Golf Care Knee


Radios, Scanner, MRI… you’ve already done them. The knee is distorted and the situation worsens, so it is important to have a special interview with the Mesotherapist.


Nothing works, except arthroscopy and cleaning, surgery for menisci, and replacement with a prosthesis, but Mesotherapy can postpone or cancel the surgery by allowing you a life and a pleasant and normal golf performing

Also the visco-supplementation to increase the viscosity of the liquid synovial, PRP, injections of platelet-rich plasma allowing a regeneration tendon in the chromic tendinopathies.

Finally the injections of stem cells for a complete repair of your knee, medicine of tomorrow or the day after due to administrative issues.

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