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Flexibility and Stiffness

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Flexibility of the pelvis and hips, wrist, shoulders

Swing while Flexibility

Do you think it is possible to realize a swing with a rigid or not completely flexible thoracolumbar spine? To be flexible the column presents curvatures, convex between the shoulder blades (kyphosis) and concave above the buttocks (lordosis).


Pelvis and Hip Flexibility

Flexibility of the pelvis and hips, for a good swing is paramount, the least stiffness or pain no longer allows to improve his handicap. This area is the seat of a complex joint game: the sacrum and coccyx articulated on the iliac bones joined by the pubis receives the weight of the body.


Wrist Flexibility

A golf course without the flexibility in both wrists will end badly and the pain will come sooner or later with stiffness, tingling, pain in the fingers or palm and difficulty in grasping. Attention to carpal tunnel and epicondylitis


Shoulder Flexibility

Look at this Michelle’s swing, do you think it is possible to succeed with a rigid or not completely flexible shoulders. The shoulder is a very complex joint, it is the only joint of the body that can turn 360 degrees, It can push up or down and pull up or down.