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Who We Are And What We Do
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Small mobile medical group with several decades of experience, able to put their knowledge and their treatments at the service of specialized medical centers, hotels with a specific clientele or sports clubs.

The stated goal is to fight chronic pain, without disputed substances, to understand and treat the disabling stiffness of all athletes, to allow any age to find the pleasure of living, to move, even in competition.

To offer you what you can not find elsewhere, health checks, diagnosis, prediction and prevention of genetic diseases, and finally apply modern treatments and even treatments of the future, we collaborate with many groups at the forefront of research

Our collaborators in synergistic fields:

The Inesorpore Medical Center is made up of qualified health professionals: doctors, professors, associate professors and FMH specialists. He will find the right specialist for your problem, state-of-the-art technology and latest generation equipment. The treatments and diagnoses in Switzerland with Incorpore Medical Center are the most efficient and the most comfortable.

The Incorpore Medical Center collaborates with private clinics and public hospitals to provide patients with a full range of the most advanced medical and technical services: cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, oncology, rehabilitation, neurological diseases, infertility, obstetrics, rejuvenation, plastic surgery and other.

Swiss AntiAge Search the most advanced medical players to establish diagnoses and treatments in all areas of health

Swiss Mesothérapy

Swiss articular mesotherapy against pain, stiffness of your joints of osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

Doctors with great experience and specific original products created especially for them, will be able to rejuvenate your entire osteo-articular system.

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SwissCheckup Swiss research in science and understanding of the future, thanks to the sequencing of your DNA. The development of calculation of predictive risks very early in your life to prevent or avoid many pathologies by advice and treatment anticipating their arrival.

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Eatech SA The technical, biological and chemical collaborators in search of solutions adapted to the well-live longer

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Spectramed SA is a company responsible for popularizing the latest discoveries and making them known by distributing new health products after having checked them


Estheticians specializing in anti-aging, high-end cell face treatments. They can assist us on request, in the context of corrections of scars in cases of chemotherapy, trauma, surgery. They will give you back your confidence thanks to the Permanent Medical Makeup.