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Health Performance by DNA

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Golf-care DNA exclusivity

Your genetic heritage preserved and protected in a Swiss data bank for 10 or 20 years. Extract your DNA and purify it now, as it contains your age codes at the time of collection. Our partners will be able, at your request, to inform you about.

Health Performance by DNA

DNA Predictive analyzes

Each of your cells contains your DNA made of 6 billion nucleotides, a bar code of 3 billion bands. The reading of some 300 million well-chosen tapes makes it possible to understand and even to reconstitute an entire human. This code contains your past, your present and we begin to understand that it also conditions your future.

Health Performance by DNA

Biomolecular Peculiarities

Your potentials, performances or possibilities for all situations in relation to age. Indeed, your aging is coded in your DNA, in reality, it is the stop of the repairs of your tissues which is ordered.

Health Performance by DNA

Biomolecular formula-AGE

The medicine of the future, the direct dialogue between your young DNA, taken and preserved, and your DNA of a more advanced age. A stem cell has a complete repair library and the ability to repair, by replacing it, any tissue.

Health Performance by DNA